Branch Activity

The RSCDS Cape Town branch organises activities where the clubs come together instead of an individual club hosting an event.  Often non-dancers are encouraged to join in an evening of dance at no cost (Free Taster).  This may then encourage non-dancers to participate in one of the introductory courses.

Introductory Courses

The Branch provides Introductory Courses for new dancers. This eight-week course provides the basics of footwork and formations; and participants are taught methods of progression and some simple dances.

No Walk, No Talk

At the Branch’s No Walk, No talk events, dancers are invited to attend an evening of dance where dances are not called.  It is intended that the dances that are on the programme are well known and the idea is to get individual dancers to challenge themselves to ‘rise to the occasion’

Dancing Resources Workshop

To provide dancers with a quick and convenient reminder of dance chronology, the Branch’s Celtic Critters Diagram workshop (given by Andrew and Heather Hodgson) explains the way to read and understand crib diagrams.  Armed with these skills, dancers can participate in No Walk, No Talk evening with greater confidence.

Social Dance for Introductory Course participants

The Cape Town Branch organises an end-of-course Social for each Introductory Course. The programme includes dances taught during the course, a few ceilidh dances, plus three of four club favourites. This is a chance for newcomers to get acquainted with those who dance regularly, meet the teachers and learn about the various clubs.

International Dancing Achievement Award

For those who are keen to improve their dancing, who welcome personal feedback and recognition, the Cape Town Branch has introduced the International DAA (Dancing Achievement Award).

Through an intense course of Saturday morning workshops, this programme provides local dancers with an opportunity to improve dancing technique and to gain RSCDS recognition. The dancers are assessed by a visiting RSCDS teacher.

The first DAA exam, organised by the Cape Town branch, took place on 29 October 2016.  There was an Advanced and Intermediate section and 10 dancers participated in each of the sections.  We are looking at possibly running another course in 2018.