Welcome to the website of the Cape Town Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).

RSCDS International has been in existence for 90 plus years.  The Cape Town branch was one of the first clubs to be formed outside the UK and has been in existence for some 60 years.   The RSCDS Cape Town branch promotes Scottish Country Dancing across all our local clubs and provides introductory courses for beginners.   Various inter club events are organised throughout the year.

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is a sociable dance form with roots stretching back over the centuries. Participants are grouped in to sets, typically of three, four or five couples arranged either in two lines or in a square or triangle, working together to dance a sequence of formations.

There can be no dancing without music, and SCD has attracted many talented musicians. From the first chord to the final bow or curtsy, dancers are inspired by the driving reels, jaunty jigs, smooth strathspeys or lilting slow airs.

New dances are being written all the time, and vary considerably in complexity or ease of dancing. An evening’s programme can cater for beginners with a couple of months’ experience, or challenge and interest the most experienced dancers; or, as usually happens, provide a range to suit most tastes.

SCD is mainly danced socially, for pleasure and enjoyment, but many groups also perform; there are even occasional competitions. Although the basic steps and formations are easy to pick up, technique can be continuously honed so that SCD can a balletic dance form. However, the majority of social dancers do not take matters that seriously!

SCD is very sociable and thanks to the global reach of the RSCDS, dancers can pack their dance shoes and be welcomed by a local group almost anywhere in the world.